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I decided to start this blog to share my passion for reading with others especially my love of series. There are very few guidelines for this challenge:

1 - No books lists or sign ups; cross over books and challenges are welcome, actually encouraged
2 - If not based on the main character central characters must play a prominent part throughout the series
3 - All genres welcome ~ YA, historical, western, paranormal, mystery, police procedural, adventure, etc.
4 - Re-reading a series is fine too
5 - No trilogies please; only ongoing series

Feel free to stop by any time and let us know what series you're reading, find a new series, or the next book in the series.

If you blog leave a comment with a link to your review. If you don't blog, don't worry. Just leave a comment with the book title, # in the series and your thoughts.

This blog is an evolving work. I have ideas I'd like to incorporate I just have to figure out how.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Just finished...

Predatory Game, GhostWalkers #6
Christine Feehan

She flashed a sassy grin at him. She hadn't helped him pack for the picnic because she'd been trying to come to terms with the fact that Jess was more than a Navy SEAL; he was part of a GhostWalker team. It explained everything, especially why she could so easily be in his company. She had never been able tolerate being around people for very long until she was with Jess. He was definitely an anchor and he drew energy away her. She should have known. Well, on some level she had known; she just hadn't wanted to bring it out in the open and examine it. ~ Predatory Game, page 85 ~

Saber Wynter is running from her past when she meets Jess Calhoun an ex-Navy SEAL who is physically and emotionally compromised by his own mysterious and violent history as a GhostWalker. What Jess senses in Saber is a kindred spirit, a lost soul desperate for sanctuary. He offers her a home, a job, and a haven where she can safely reveal the secrets that shadow her. But danger follows her, too. Now, the riddles of both their pasts are about to collide, shattering the promise of their future with the ultimate betrayal.

This is book 6 in the GhostWalker series by Christine Feehan. While overall I enjoyed this book it took longer for my interest to be caught, almost a 1/3 of way through. I think it's because I know what to expect now that I'm 6 books in. Much more time is spent on the relationship between Jess and Sabre than developing the actual story. Plot lines are starting to run the same course throughout this series without much deviation from book to book. When this series was new to me I didn't know what to expect and therefore I read with more anticipation. While I don't usually read books that have supernatural and/or paranormal aspects as a major feature for the most part this series is plausible and I enjoy the powers and abilities these characters have been given.

** Major sexual content in this series **

No release date information for book #7.

Up Next...

Southern Fried
by Cathy Pickens
1st in the Avery Andrews series

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Cozies and the lighter side mystery series

Alt, Madelyn
Bewitching mystery series
The Trouble with Magic - book 1/3

Cohen, Jeffrey
A Double Feature mystery series
Some Like It Hot Buttered - book 1 (new series)

Damsgaard, Shirley
Ophelia & Abbey mystery series
Charmed to Death- book 2/5

Harris, Rosemary
Dirt-y Business mystery series
Pushing Up Daisies - book 1 (new series)

Johnston, Linda O.
Pet Sitter mystery series
Nothing to Fear but Ferrets - book 2/5

Pickens, Cathy
Southern Fried/Avery Andrews series
Southern Fried - book 1/5

Sweeney, Leann
Yellow Rose mystery series
Pick Your Poison - book 1/5

Fantasy/Paranormal series

Brooks, Terry
Magic Kingdom of Landover series
Witches' Brew - book 5/5

Feehan, Christine
GhostWalker series
Predatory Game - book 6/6

Patterson, James
Maximum Ride series
Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports - book 3/4

Rowling, J.K,
Harry Potter series
Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows - book 7/7

Legal/Police Procedural/Psychological series

Ablow, Keith
Frank Clevenger series
The Architect - book 6/6

Connelly, Michael
Harry Bosch series
The Overlook - book 13/14
Up next: The Brass Verdict/'08

Cornwell, Patricia
Kay Scarpetta series
Black Notice - book 10/DNF

Deaver, Jeffery
Lincoln Rhyme series
Cold Moon - book 7/8
Up next: The broken Window/'08

Fairstein, Linda
Alex Cooper series
The Kills - book 6/DNF

Garwood, Julie
Buchanan - Renard series
Murder List - book 4/6

Gerritsen, Tess
Jane Rizzoli/Maura Isles
The Mephisto Club - book 6/6

Hooper, Kay
Bishop/Special Crimes Unit series
Touching Evil - book 4/4

Patterson, James
Women's Murder Club series
The 5th Horseman - book 5/7

Robb, J.D.
In Death series
Strangers in Death - book 26/27
Up next: Salvation in Death/'08

Siegel, Sheldon
Mike Daley series
The Confession - book 5/6
Up Next: Judgement Day/'08

White, Stephen
Dr. Alan Gregory series
Dry Ice - book 15/DNF

Historical series

Carroll, Susan
Cheney Sisters of Faire Isle series
The Huntress - book 4/5
Up next: Twilight of a Queen/'08

Harper, Karen
Elizabeth I mystery series
The Twylight Tower - book 3/9

Jakes, John
The American Bicentennial Series/Kent Family Chronicles
The Americans - book 8/8

Raybourn, Deanna
Julia Grey series
Silent in the Sanctuary - book 2/2 (new series)

Thompson, Victoria
Gaslight mystery series
Murder on Astor Place - book 1/10

Willig, Lauren
The Pink Carnation series
The Deception of the Emerald Ring - book 3/4


Flynn, Vince
Mitch Rapp series
Protect & Defend - book 8

Wishlist series...

Someday when I've run out of books... (LOL)

Amazon - US
Albert, Susan Wittig - China Bayles mysteries
Clement, Blaize - Dixie Hemingway mysteries
Donati, Sara - Into the Wilderness series
Fforde, Jasper - Thursday Next mysteries
Gardner, Ashley - Mysteries of Regency England
Harris, C.S. - Captain Lacey mysteries
Hunter, Erin - Warrior series (cats, YA)
Morris, Gilbert - Jacques & Cleo cat mysteries
Stevens, Rosemary - Beau Brummell mysteries

Amazon - UK
Gregory, Susanna - Matthew Bartholomew chronicles
Gregory, Susanna - Thomas Chaloner chronicles
Grace, C.L. - Katherine Swinbrooke medieval mysteries
Knight, Bernard - Crowner John mysteries
Martson, Edward - Elizabethan Theater mysteries
Martson, Edward - Christopher Redmayne series
Rickman, Phil - Merrily Watkins mysteries
Sansom, C.J. - Shardlake series