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I decided to start this blog to share my passion for reading with others especially my love of series. There are very few guidelines for this challenge:

1 - No books lists or sign ups; cross over books and challenges are welcome, actually encouraged
2 - If not based on the main character central characters must play a prominent part throughout the series
3 - All genres welcome ~ YA, historical, western, paranormal, mystery, police procedural, adventure, etc.
4 - Re-reading a series is fine too
5 - No trilogies please; only ongoing series

Feel free to stop by any time and let us know what series you're reading, find a new series, or the next book in the series.

If you blog leave a comment with a link to your review. If you don't blog, don't worry. Just leave a comment with the book title, # in the series and your thoughts.

This blog is an evolving work. I have ideas I'd like to incorporate I just have to figure out how.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Cozies and the lighter side mystery series

Alt, Madelyn
Bewitching mystery series
The Trouble with Magic - book 1/3

Cohen, Jeffrey
A Double Feature mystery series
Some Like It Hot Buttered - book 1 (new series)

Damsgaard, Shirley
Ophelia & Abbey mystery series
Charmed to Death- book 2/5

Harris, Rosemary
Dirt-y Business mystery series
Pushing Up Daisies - book 1 (new series)

Johnston, Linda O.
Pet Sitter mystery series
Nothing to Fear but Ferrets - book 2/5

Pickens, Cathy
Southern Fried/Avery Andrews series
Southern Fried - book 1/5

Sweeney, Leann
Yellow Rose mystery series
Pick Your Poison - book 1/5

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